Boiler repair – UK pricing guide (2021)

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If you’ve got a boiler, you know that it’s something you can’t afford to skip. Boilers’ problems can become costly, and boiler failure is something that you must take seriously. Boiler breakdowns can cost you thousands of pounds in repairs, and you need to know that you’re getting the best deal possible when you’re looking into a new boiler. With our price guide, you can see the price for a boiler in your area, and you can see the after-service costs, including the annual servicing charge, to make sure that you’re getting the best deal.

How much is a boiler?

When considering a new boiler, first you need to decide how you’re going to heat your home. It could be a choice between heating with gas, heating with electric, or heated underfloor insulation. We have a guide to gas heating systems, and electric systems are covered in our guide to heating options.

Electric heating systems heat your home using electricity, and the cost is usually around £100-£200 per year. A gas heating system uses gas to heat your home, and the cost can be around £400-£400 per year for a conventional (non-condensing) boiler. However, a condensing boiler – where the air in the system is constantly being heated and cooled – uses less energy and costs around £200-£300 a year.

After-service costs

Most people who own a boiler would agree that regular servicing costs are essential – whether it’s the annual scheduled maintenance or the occasional spot-check of the boiler to keep it in tip-top condition. Most new boilers, such as condensing boilers, are built to last for 30 years or more. However, you’ll often be paying for the annual maintenance or servicing costs for much longer than that.

Installation and running costs

The maintenance costs for a boiler can add up quickly. A medium-sized domestic heating boiler is an example of one that’s likely to need a service every year or two. They can also need heating replacements, new filters, and a lot of spare parts to keep them in good working order.

We’ve broken the installation costs into two categories: installing your boiler and the annual running costs. You’ll need to budget for the annual service, which can cost from £100 to £150 per year, plus an annual filter and heater replacement. Then there are the costs associated with running the boiler: to heat your home, you need to keep it heated to manage any problems to top up the oil if the fuel runs low in the summer you need to increase the temperature in your home to help air conditioning.

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Cost of boiler breakdowns

Your home’s energy supplier has to pay for any repair that it makes to your boiler. So any time your boiler breaks down, this is paid for by you. This doesn’t include any of the regular servicing that you might be expecting. After-service costs are the additional cost of getting a professional engineer to inspect the boiler. You’ll also have to pay for the additional parts needed to fix your boiler.

Compared to a brand new boiler, it can cost you around £1,500 on average for the initial installation, and this can rise significantly depending on where you live and the age of your boiler. Practical solutions to your boiler problems When you do have a boiler that fails, you can take a few practical measures to help you avoid costly problems.

Benefits of a Boiler

A boiler provides central heating, hot water and hot water heating and boiling. They are also often used as a source of hot water for showers, and you can also use a domestic gas boiler as a central heating source if the electricity supply to your property is intermittent.

It’s important to think about the benefits of installing a boiler, as you’ll need to consider the investment that is needed to make the most of it. A new boiler can cost around £1000 – £2000, and you need to factor in the costs of purchasing a new boiler and installing it. Find out more about the top 5 benefits of a boiler. Things you need to know before you buy Make sure you read our boiler buying guide to learn all you need to know about choosing a new boiler.


There are a number of things to consider before you part with your money, including warranty, installation charges and installation times. A proper install, whether by a specialist or by you, is important and something to be borne in mind.

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