Building a New Garden Patio (UK Pricing Guide)

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You have a beautiful garden but you’ve always wanted to extend the patio to the back of your home. Now is the time to start. Do you have a patio? A patio can be a very useful addition to your backyard. It can be a place for outdoor relaxation, as well as a place to entertain family and friends. If you want to improve your backyard, consider building a new patio. It doesn’t have to be a large project. Here are the costs of building a new patio.

The Cost of Building a New Garden Patio

Below are the costs involved in building a new patio. If you were to build a typical 8 foot by 16 foot patio, it would cost you £216.94. This figure includes building materials, labour and VAT. A great way to get your garden finished before you start building is to do some preparatory work. This would include digging a drainage channel or add steps to your patio.

If you can’t do this work, you’ll have to hire someone. Fencing & Railing Railing is a good way to raise your patio, depending on your location. You can use large wood strips. Or you can use regular fencing. Railing is a good way to raise your patio, depending on your location. You can use large wood strips. Or you can use regular fencing.


There are a couple of things you need to do when you’re planning a new patio, or you may decide not to build one at all. The first thing you need to think about is the design of the patio. It may seem like a simple thing but you need to know how to make it look nice.

There are a few things that you can decide while planning a new patio. If you decide to build a covered one, you need to decide the size of the top of the patio. Also, think about how the patio can be transformed into a patio garden.

If you decide to build an above ground one, then you need to consider the structural support for the patio garden. It needs to be sturdy and solid. Steps So, you have decided to build a new patio garden, but where can you start?

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Brick Patios

Brick patios are popular among DIY (do it yourself) builders. You can build a brick patio at a reasonable cost. If you want to spend more, you can install slate, concrete, or terracotta. Tile Patios Tile patios also look great but they are more expensive than other patio materials. The other problem with this type of patio is that you need special tile for this type of patio. Plastic Patios Plastic patio materials are popular with yard-sale enthusiasts. The downside with this type of patio is that you will need to install it in the winter and in the heat of the summer. But these problems can be resolved. You can make a plastic patio suitable for the rainy and cold weather. Wood Patios Wood is a popular patio material. It is the most versatile material.

Slab Patios

The slab patio is the most popular patio type in the UK. Slab patios are made of a stone material such as marble, granite or slate, and they offer a unique style and features. Slab patios are easy to build. They are much simpler than a boxwood patio.

These patios can be made of one or two pieces of stone.

They are created so that you can make the patio square or rectangular, so you can finish it in a wide range of different ways. Slab patios are also long lasting and strong.

Concrete Patios

Some people just want a permanent patio. This type of patio can be used year after year, even if the furniture is moved on and off the patio. This type of patio will be large, lasting a few years, and can be built without having to use a contractor

This is a highly cost-effective patio. Choose Your Decking Remember, most of your patio furniture will be placed on a concrete patio. You will want to chose the type of decking that will be used so that your patio will be safe.

There are many types of decking. You can choose timber, plastic, a composite material (like Fiberon), or even wood. You will also need to choose between vinyl or hardwood. Then there is the choice of a sliding door or a patio door. The majority of patio doors are sliding.

Cost Breakdown

Prices are based on a family size bungalow with a 1,000 sq. ft. garden (3,400 sq. ft. total):

Solid Pad: £500 – £2,000

Concrete Pad: £1,000 – £2,000

Corrugated Metal Deck: £500 – £1,500

Planter Boxes and Roof Trusses: £500 – £1,000 Fencing: £100 – £1,000

Stone Wall: £100 – £1,000

Rustic Built Wood Pallets: £100 – £1,000

Investments Soil Containment Area: £40 – £80

Lawn Cutter: £50 – £120

Stone for Garden Fence: £250 – £500

Wood for Garden Fence: £250 – £500

Concrete Base: £100 – £400

Furniture: £30 – £120

Accessories: £30 – £120

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