Chimney sweep costs (UK Pricing guide)

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Do you have a chimney in your home? Chimney cleaning is an essential part of the cleaning process in order to keep your home and family safe.

When your chimney needs cleaning, you have several choices: a full chimney sweep, a chimney brush, or a chimney brush only.

A full chimney sweep will ensure that all the crevices on the inside of your chimney are clean and free of debris. It can also help maintain the health of your chimney by removing any carbon buildup.

The chimney brush only will clean the crevices of your chimney but won’t clean the bottom of the chimney.

What does a full chimney sweep include?

Full chimney sweeps will provide a detailed inspection of your chimney so you can be sure it’s in good condition and safe.

Once your chimney is inspected, the full chimney sweep will come back and remove any excess debris, broken tiles, or cement so they can get down to the grate itself.

To begin with, the full chimney sweep will remove loose debris from your chimney, including small rocks, tree roots, and creosote. These items can block your fireplace and prevent air from flowing through, causing a chimney fire.

Once they’re gone, the chimney sweep will be able to access the entire cavity and complete the full cleaning of your chimney.

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What does a chimney brush only include?

The chimney brush only will cost you roughly £25 for the brush itself.

If you want a full cleaning, it will cost you roughly £75

If you’re not planning on doing the chimney yourself, it will cost about £65.

Will a full chimney sweep cost more than a chimney brush only?

Generally speaking, the same service would cost more if you use the full chimney sweep, because it will include entering your home, using all the necessary equipment, and removing and transporting the chimney debris.

The chimney brush only, on the other hand, would require you to either use your own equipment or call in an expert who would use a conventional blower to clean your chimney.


It is important to call the right company to make sure that your fireplace is in top condition. When your chimney is in good condition, your house is more energy efficient, you will have a better indoor environment, and it will last longer.

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