Fencing costs in the UK

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The cost of fencing in the UK is going up. Last year, the UK government increased the levy on fencing to help fund the building of more schools and hospitals. At the time, the levy was set at £15 per square metre of fencing. Now, the levy is set at £20 per square metre of fencing. This means that the cost of fencing is going up by £5 per square metre. It’s a fairly significant increase in the price of fencing, given that the average cost of fencing is now around £3,000 per metre.

How much are you paying per square metre?

Looking at the size of the fencing in the picture above, the 2m x 2m hole in the fence costs £4,000 – £5,000 to dig and place the fence. So, you’re looking at paying between £4,000 and £5,000.

Plastic fence panel costs

The cost of plastic fence panel costs can vary. But, the average cost is £29 per square metre. This means that the cheapest plastic fence panel costs £119.73. This is the cheapest price on the market. If you want to spend slightly more, then you can buy the slightly more expensive rubber panels. The more expensive units are about £159 per square metre. How to get the best fencing Do your research to find out what the best fencing for your home is. Then, visit one of our handy reviews of the best fencing products in the UK. This will help you to decide what products are worth your money.

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Metal fencing costs

Leading fencing suppliers, such as Tetley Fence have introduced metal fencing, which is about £3,000 per metre. High-quality metal fencing is often used in gardens, whether it is for keeping rabbits or protecting a trellis. It can be raised and lowered easily, so it is not permanently fixed to the ground. Metal fencing can also be washed in an ordinary washing machine. Aluminium fencing Aluminium fencing is another option. It’s another excellent option for small to medium properties. Aluminium fencing tends to be heavier and more expensive than steel or aluminium fencing. Aluminium fencing can be mounted using staples. In addition to fixing the fencing to the ground, aluminium fencing can also be painted to blend with a garden. Do you need to add more fencing to your garden?

Wooden Fencing costs

In the UK, people are quite familiar with wooden fences. Wooden fences are the best form of fencing that you can get in the UK because they’re eco-friendly, cost-effective and won’t rot. Wooden fences are usually used for a number of reasons, including: Close or gate openings. Opening up small agricultural fields. Protecting a garden, patio or pool. Strengthening fences, especially around corners. Most of the time, the panels used to build wooden fences can be harvested and recycled. If wood is recycled and reused, it’s often better for the environment and costs far less to build a wooden fence. Glass Fencing costs Many people want to invest in a more secure and practical form of fencing that can be installed quickly and easily.

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