How much does garden decking cost?

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Decks are an amazing addition to your home. Not only do they look fantastic, decking add value to your property and increase resale value. The cost of decking is fairly affordable, but the price will vary depending on the decking material, framing, and installation.

Below we have listed the average cost of decking materials, framing, and installation. This is a great place to start your research, but if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us and we would be more than happy to assist you.

Decking Materials

When you are looking at decking materials, framing, and installation costs, keep in mind that the materials vary greatly. What’s the best decking material? Decking materials, in general, can be divided into two categories: Framing (concrete, pine wood, etc.) (concrete, pine wood, etc.) Traditional (wood, metal, etc.) Framing is obviously the most expensive and is usually the one that is left over once you’ve decided to put the decking down.


The best and most popular way to frame your deck is with your own materials. You can make your own decking from recycled materials. A good place to start looking for good sources is your local thrift store. These are great places to find damaged items that can be turned into something new. Check the goodwill near you for donations or think about buying some pre-made decking. A wide variety of framing materials are available on the market.

Keep in mind that the most common materials used are of natural wood such as pine and cedar. Decks made of wood need a thick layer of insulation before framing and will require the use of fast-setting flooring. You can either hire a professional to frame your deck, or you can make a frame yourself.

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Most decks come pre-built and need no further installation. If you choose to DIY your deck, you will need to plan your frame. When designing the frame, be sure that you put your deck on level ground, because any unevenness could cause structural problems.

A utility room, utility closet or garage is best to store the decking during construction and install.

A garage is preferable because it is an open-air space, allowing sunlight and air circulation throughout your deck. When you are ready to start the decking build, you should aim for a tight fit around the framing.

If the deck is too loose, moisture will cause the framing to crack. Concrete Decking Decks made from concrete, either poured or laid, are the best option when you want a waterproof and durable deck.


Cardboard decks can be made into a beautiful feature of your home. Not only will they allow you to enjoy a peaceful place to relax but they will also improve the appearance of your garden. If you are looking for an easy, cost effective way to give your home a new look, Cardboard Decking is a great option.

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