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Insulation is a great way to save money on your heating bill and to help warm your home in winter. If you’re thinking about insulating your roof, you’ve probably got a few questions.

You might have heard that insulation can be expensive. But how expensive? And how much does it actually cost? Here’s a quick guide to the costs of insulation for an average UK home.

Why insulation is important

Most insulating material has a lifespan of 15-20 years. This is referred to as the passive life. While it may seem expensive at the beginning, insulation could save you money in the long run if you choose the right products.

The benefits of insulation The biggest advantage of insulating your roof is in the winter. When it’s colder outside than your roof, your roof will stay warmer. This will keep your home much warmer than it would have been without it.

Heat gained through your roof is the equivalent of losing around 9 tonnes of fat from your body – when you’re chilled. It’s obviously not healthy for you to be cold, so insulating your roof will help keep you warm in winter.

How much does insulation cost?

To heat your home effectively, you need to insulate your roof. The costs of insulation depend on a number of factors including your roof type, the energy efficiency of your home, and the size of the area you want to insulate.

The cheapest type of insulation to buy is loose-fill: you can buy large sheets of this insulation to insulate a single room or flat. Alternatively, you can buy rolls of insulation that you can stick to the walls of your home. These are referred to as underlayments, and you can also buy roll-on adhesive spray to insulate your walls. adhesive materials.

Insulation costs usually depend on the type of roof your home has. Let’s compare the costs to expect with a flat roof vs pitched roof.

Flat roof insulation costs

Flat roofs don’t have a ridge or a pitch, and they’re less likely to need insulation, making flat roofs a good choice if you’re looking to save money.

The cheapest type of flat roof insulation is either underlayment, which goes underneath the slates, or rigid insulation, which is all around the ridge. These costs vary depending on the thickness and quality of the materials, but underlayment is the cheapest option.

If you have a single-storey flat, you should be able to insulate your roof with just underlayment. And if you have a three-storey house, you should be able to cover it with just underlayment, rigid insulation, or both, but you will need to put in thicker sections of insulation at the higher levels.

Pitched roof insulation costs

A few things to know about roof insulation, because roof insulation can be expensive. It’s not as complicated as you might think. Here’s the key bits (It doesn’t have to cost the earth):

An average home has an attic, in which case you may be able to insulate the roof for around £200. Insulation costs can vary, depending on whether you’ve got insulation on the flat or the pitch of the roof.

Insulation on the pitch costs the most. When calculating the cost of insulating your roof, you should know that you won’t necessarily save a tonne of money.

Where do you buy roof insulation?

It’s easy to buy insulation. You can buy it online (although you may need to pay delivery costs). You can buy it from a DIY store or from a trader. Some contractors have it on the premises, so you can get it straight away.

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Insulation techniques

The most commonly used insulation techniques include: Insulating your roof (copper) Insulating your chimney (copper) In between your walls (fibre-glass) The thickness of your insulation A cheap way to insulate a roof is to simply apply an insulating material between the roof shingles, or your walls and your roof cavity. This is called a bondroof and is essentially just used to make a thin, flat, roof that will be on the same level as your existing roof. Costs of roof insulation – copper If you have a one storey building, a roof made out of copper may be just the option you’re after. Copper roofing panels are durable, cost-effective and can be installed at low temperatures. Copper roofing costs in the UK can vary depending on the type of copper used and the size of the roof.

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