Window fitting costs – What you need to know

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If you’re planning on fitting a new window, you might be wondering: what will the cost be? Here’s a rough guide to the costs of window fitting.

How much will it cost to fit a window?

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to help reduce the costs of window fittings, such as buying windows with fewer windows and add an inner spacer or facia.

The best things to look out for are: Low-pitch vs. high-pitched window frames It’s important to work out which one of these frames you are likely to need and what size they will be, as a low-pitch window will save you the most space. This doesn’t mean that the only low-pitched window you can fit will be the typical 8″ (203mm) one, as there are very large variations in window sizes.

Smaller windows On the other hand, small window frames are generally cheaper to fit – especially if the option of adding an inner spacer or facia is available.

Replacement glazing is a pricey process. The initial cost is covered by the building owner (the council) on their lease agreement, but additional work – such as fitting a glass slider on the inside of the existing double glazing – can be paid for individually.

Replacement glazing

Higher-end replacement glazing costs can range from £1,500 to £20,000 per window. These costs are dependent on the type of glazing, the layout and location of the window. Fortunately, it’s often not possible to fit all the windows you want to replace during one full-scale fitting.

Replacement frames

The two most expensive types of frame that will need replacing are the one-piece frames (which are made of metal) and sliding frames (which are made of glass).

If you’re planning on replacing a one-piece window frame with one that’s comprised of metal, you can expect to pay between £250 and £350, and if you replace a sliding frame frame with one that’s made of glass, you’ll pay anything between £250 and £750.

Considering that you might need to pay more to fix a problem window than it would cost to replace it with the best fit, it’s advisable to fix any damage as soon as you see it.

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Replacement panes

Replacing just a few pane is relatively cheap compared to putting new windows in a whole house. You can expect to pay about £150 for each ‘unit’ (three panes) plus VAT.

You can also get the windows made to measure if you’re unsure about the window’s exact dimensions.

Installation Costs

Installation of new windows These days you need to use a specialist installer for the job. The average job costs around £1,100, but can go up to £2,000.

Your cost for fitting the windows will depend on several things: The number of windows you have, the size of the windows, and the type of window.

To get the most value from your fitting costs, you’ll usually want to get an installation quote from a number of installers, to get the most competitive quote.

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