How much does wood floor installation cost? (UK guide)

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The cost of installing wood flooring is determined by the type of wood flooring you choose, the quantity of the wood flooring you require and the type of installation (whether it be glued down or nailed down).

But it’s also important to remember that the cost of the wood flooring is only one of the many factors that go into your final flooring cost. For example, the type of wood you choose for your flooring, the design of your room, and the types of furniture or accessories you have will also impact the total cost of your flooring installation.

Types of wood flooring

The type of wood flooring you choose – namely: engineered wood, solid wood, laminate, veneer and resilient wood – also impacts the price you pay for your flooring.

The type of wood flooring you choose is likely to be determined by what’s available in your local area.

Typically, wood flooring prices in the UK vary significantly from country to country, and you can expect to pay a premium when buying wooden flooring from the US or Australia.

Engineered wood is usually the cheapest type of wood flooring, so that’s a good option for those who want a traditional finish to their floor.

If you’re after a more modern look, laminate is usually a cheaper option and comes in a wide variety of finishes. Solid wood flooring is usually the most expensive flooring option and can be quite durable.

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Choosing a Wood Flooring

The first step to determining the cost of wood flooring is to think about which type of wood you plan to install. Be aware that there are several different types of wood that you can choose from. And there are pros and cons to each one, too.

Oak – strong and resistant to warping, and it comes with a higher price tag. But it’s also heavier than other types of wood.

Neat Oak – perfect for bedrooms and is prone to discoloration over time. On the other hand, as a neutral and versatile flooring option, it’s a wise choice for homes with lots of neutral decor.

Wood flooring costs

You might expect to spend between £100 and £150 on a laminate floor, compared with £1,000 to £1,500 on a traditional hardwood floor. However, the difference is less dramatic when it comes to installing your flooring.


Of course, there is a lot to think about when thinking about your flooring choice, but if you’re on a budget then there’s certainly no reason why you can’t get a really high quality wood flooring installed by a professional at a reasonable price.

Of course, deciding on the type of wood flooring you want to install isn’t as straight forward as choosing a style of flooring. If you are planning to go with the cosy, authentic timber look then you can’t go wrong with the authentic, full-grain and hardwood flooring.

But if you are after a lighter wood floor, like engineered oak or a tongue and groove style, then wooden flooring is the way to go.

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