Central Heating – UK pricing guide (2021)

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Best prices for central heating, hot water, boiler repair and more. The price of a central heating system has risen by almost £1,000 over the past five years. In addition, it has increased by almost £1,000 in the last 12 months, with property prices and energy costs to blame. Below is the best guide to central heating (or a gas boiler), heat pump, hot water systems and boiler repairs.

Central heating installation

With the cost of installation rising, it is clear that we are all prepared to pay more to live in houses that have the latest and greatest heating system. Buying the house first, before you buy the heating, ensures you have the best system for your budget. We’ve seen the prices of all sorts of central heating systems rise significantly in recent years.

If you don’t fancy putting in a boiler yourself, a DIY installation is also an option, or you could have the installer do it for you at a reasonable cost. However, it is important to research companies before making a choice.

Heat pump installation

Thermite heat pumps work differently from traditional central heating systems. The two most popular systems are the Humidifan and the Thermivorn (Heat on Demand). Thermivorn is more energy efficient, and costs less to run. It can also be installed in a home as an addition to a regular heating system, and a way of heating a converted loft.

The Humidifan can be installed in a home without plumbing or ducting. As well as heating and cooling, it provides moisture-absorbing air conditioning, and can be wall mounted. Heat pump contractors tend to specialise in heat pump installation, while specialist installers specialise in ducting and plumbing. Heat pump prices – A simple way to heat your home Heat pump installations vary greatly, based on how many units are installed in the home.

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Boiler repair

Boiler repairs can cost up to £500. The main repair problems are condensation, a clogged chimney, a crack in the pan, loose control arm bolts or the threaded rod used to mount the boiler. Repair services that offer free boiler inspections include Gardenline, Liquid Boiler Services and Smart Heating.

Careless boiler owners are more likely to leave their central heating on, often through heating the bedroom and not the living room, which can lead to a quick, expensive boiler burst. Use of auxiliary heating Boiler owners are twice as likely to use a boiler’s auxiliary heating system, such as a central heating radiator, than they are to heat the living room exclusively with their central heating.


Both a power source and an efficient heating system are vital in a well-designed home. By understanding the ins and outs of the heating market and taking advantage of our price comparison tools, you can make sure you get the best deals on your heating bills.

When buying a central heating system, it’s important to think about the role it plays in your home and how it’s going to affect your home’s value when you’re selling. When heating your home and filling the house with warm air, a central heating system is basically taking heat from the ground (or from your radiators) and then distributing it through pipes in your home to provide heat to your rooms.

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