How much does a wet room cost? (UK Guide)

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The cost of a wet room can be a bit of a mystery when you are thinking about purchasing one, but once you know these wet room costs you will have a much better understanding of what you should be spending.

If you are thinking of converting your current bathroom into a wet room, you would be wise to understand the cost of a wet room and the approximate cost of a wet room conversion.

Here are some wet room costs you need to be aware of.

What is a wet room?

When converting your current bathroom into a wet room, you will need to make sure you incorporate specific elements from your existing bathroom into your wet room.

It is easy to understand the benefits of converting your bathroom into a wet room. You will be able to maximise on a particular area of the home, while utilising your current wet room space. For example, you may have an existing shower and toilet area, while also having an area that could be used for a wet room. This will make the most of space, while also offering those looking for the perfect wet room conversion a space that is well-suited to wet room conversions.

What would it cost to convert a bathroom into a wet room? We have found that it can cost upwards of £2,000 to as much as £9,000 to convert a bathroom into a wet room.

Why is it important to know the costs?

There are some basic reasons why it is important to understand the wet room costs so that you can choose the right type of wet room and add it to your bathroom without experiencing costly surprises when you have paid for it.

If you are looking for a wet room conversion to get the best value for money out of your house, you would be wise to understand what the wet room costs and why you should be choosing a particular wet room style.

Sleeping wet room costs The cost of a sleeping wet room is fairly easy to understand, it is just the cost of the hot water tank, hot water storage tank, water softener and a WC.

How much does a wet room cost?

Wet room costs vary considerably depending on your chosen wet room design. It also depends on what you are installing. Wet rooms and basins can vary in cost, depending on the model you opt for and the materials you choose for your conversion.

Materials costs

The first and most important cost is the material, which can vary wildly depending on the market.

For instance, in the UK, you will likely find that more expensive wet room materials are available, while more affordable materials such as vinyl flooring can be found around the country.

The average cost of a wet room conversion kit is between £1,100-£2,000, but it will depend on what you are replacing, such as a concrete floor.

Labour costs

Once you know how much work you will be doing to convert your existing bathroom, it is a good idea to come up with a rough estimate of the labour cost associated with the project. In most cases you will need the labour to start work on the wet room and to continue with any works required afterwards.

As most wet rooms are smaller and do not require all the plumbing or electricity in the bathroom, most wet room costs should be minimal and the labour will be limited.

After looking at many wet room contractors, I have estimated that you will need an experienced tradesman to handle the job.

Fixtures & Equipment:

Once you have an estimated wet room cost, you need to estimate the cost of your fixtures & fittings. Most builders will require you to buy everything from the manufacturer.

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Well we hope we have shed a bit of light on the wet room and found some good reasons to convert your existing bathroom into a wet room! The wet room may be a bit of a mystery to some people, but once you know the cost of converting your bathroom and how it will change the look of your bathroom and how well it works you will know whether or not this wet room is the right fit for your bathroom!

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